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How Pakistan Shelters Dawood Ibrahim, Farooq Takla Reveals All


Farooq Takla, a very close aid to Dawood Ibrahim was arrested last week from Delhi Airport, where he arrived from Dubai after being deported by UAE under custody and handed over to the Indian Authorities. India always knew that Pakistan has been providing shelter to terrorist and D-Company boss Dawood Ibrahim.

This has now been finally authenticated when his close aide Farooq Takla revealed to investigation agencies the details of his residence, safehouse, and his security contingent which is managed by Pakistan Rangers.

Takla categorically stated that Pakistan Rangers provide security cover to Dawood and his family in and around his bunglow in Karachi’s posh Clifton locality.

He also gave details of how the Dawood the terrorist – mastermind of the 1993 Bombay blasts – is taken away to a safehouse each time a foreign VVIP arrives in the Pakistan or when Indian government increases international pressure.

The safe house is very strategically located in an area called ‘Anda Group of Islands’ and none except Dawood and his wife are permitted in and around the area. Officials in the Pakistani establishment use a special frequency to speak with this terrorist.

Pakistan Rangers provide security here as well, with Pakistan’s Coast Guard conducting regular patrols to ensure safety. Earlier they also provided a safe passage to Dubai if and when required.

Takla also revealed that earlier whenever Dawood came to Dubai then it him who was responsible for handling matters for Dawood. He not only received Dawood in Dubai but also transported him to other locations here.

He said Dawood even faced threats from elements within Pakistan and that a local gang and Chotta Rajan’s gang made separate attempts on his life between 2000 and 2005.

Takla, was hiding in Dubai by posing as a taxi driver to evade authorities. He even has two sons there – However now his game is up. After Modi’s visit UAE has cracked down on such elements lock stock and barrel.

Next is Dawood Ibrahim himself. Will a Surgical Strike team extract him out if Karachi or will Pakistan itself hand him over…..only time will tell.