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Now Buddhist Self Defence is being called Rise of Violent Rhetoric in Asia


Buddhism is inherently peaceful philosophy and requires no certificate from any person including the Pope, the head of Christian faith. However the followers of Buddhism should not be expected to remain meek spectators in face of assault on their way of life. They not only have the right to do self defence, they will go on the offensive too if required.

This should surprise no one especially dime a dozen journalists who try and make large earnings by writing “ human angle “ articles defending the original attackers themselves. There sob stories come out especially when the culprits get paid back in their own coin.

So when Buddhist mobs in Sri Lanka last week attacked their tormentors that left at least three dead and more than establishments in ruins, it us being described by chaps sitting in Hong Kong as communal violence stoked by Buddhist nationalists.

In Myanmar, earlier when the Buddhists monks said enough is enough, then these Western journalists cried foul and have been threatening Myanmar with all kinds of sanctions. As if India will sit idle and allow jokers from far off to do as they please.

In case Rohingyas are not prepared to accept the laws of Myanmar then they are to be blamed themselves. Naturally when they resort to violence then there will action taken upon them by the established law. However vested interests will and have blamed a Buddhist preacher Wirathu for the action taken on the violent population.

What has prompted this surge in aggressive rhetoric from followers of a faith that always been the epitome of non-violence? Whatever so called western may say Buddhists have never used religion to justify violence. However they have always defended themselves. Most if the martial arts spread out from India along with Buddhism only.

And presently Buddhism is under threat in entire South and South East Asia. When Taliban carried out destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan then it was all right because after all Talibans were fighting the Communists. However attack on prepators of violence is not acceptable by the same set of people who think that they run this world.

Through use of sword the invaders from Arabia and later from Western Europe captured the peaceful Buddhist countrues of South East Asia. Invaders destroyed ancient Buddhist empires and now taliban type fundamentalists are trying to take control once more. However now the Buddhists are fighting back.