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Who killed Rajiv Gandhi: Assassination Certainly Not Plotted In Jaffna But Somewhere Else you


In an interaction with students and alumni of IIM, Rahul Gandhi, the new Congress President i said that he and his sister, Priyanka Vadra, have completely forgiven their father’s killers. He said that “We have forgiven our father’s murderers. Whatever may be the reason, I don’t like any violence of any kind. When one realises that when these events take place, its collision of ideas, forces, confusion. That`s where you get caught. When I saw Prabhakaran lying dead on TV, I got two feelings – first was why they are humiliating this man in this way. And second was…I felt really bad for him and for his kids.”

Others may not have paid much attention to what Rahul may have said but Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy reacted at once. As per, Swamy some chaos of the LTTE had publicly stated that they killed Rajiv because the latter had sent the Indian Army to Sri Lanka. However, Rajiv Gandhi was only followed the resolution passed by the Parliament on supporting Sri Lanka’s fight against the LTTE.

Swamy praised Rajiv Gandhi and said that he was a true nationalist and therefore his killers should be not be shown any leniency. Initially, Nalini, one of the killers, was awarded a death sentence, but this was reduced to life imprisonment. “ I fail to understand why we should be lenient towards someone who collaborated with foreigners to kill our former Prime Minister. Rahul’s statement lack patriotism; he should understand that the punishment was awarded to the killers of the former Prime Minister, not his father,” added the BJP leader. He further wrote on the twitter that “ Forgiving by the son of his father’s LTTE killers at the prime of Rajiv’s age means suspicion of supari killing. A fresh probe should be initiated into the death of the former prime minister, he said, further hinting that there was some “understanding” of the family with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).”

Swami was adamant in saying that Rahul Gandhi forgiving his father Rajiv Gandhi’s killers raised suspicion of ‘supari’ killing or a plotted murder for financial gains. He even questioned Priyanka Gandhi visit to the convicts in jail. As per law and Swami has very good knowledge of it, “Only the relatives of convicts are allowed to visit them, which she is not.” He even questioned the motives of Sonia Gandhi in taking care of Nalini’s daughter’s education in England. Nalini was also awarded a scholarship to study computer science at the Indira Gandhi University. “I don’t understand why they are showing such sympathy. I suspect there is something wrong,” he added.

Well there is certainly merit in what Swamy is saying. In 1987-88 at height of IPKF’S dominance of Jaffna Peninsula, LTTE personnel could move AT WILL from Jaffna Coast to Tamil Nadu Coast and vice versa, its on record. Next LTTE always planned its operation in an excellent manner with equal weightage to mission extraction. Then how come, the so called LTTE squad, if it was a LTTE operation, was not back in Jaffna by next night after killing Rajiv. Also the visit of Rajiv to Chikmaglur was a last minute switch, not pre planned and this switch was known only to a few select in New Delhi. Still the assassination team had waited patiently in Chikmaglur, very sure of Rajiv’s visit……some one must have given the gurantee.!!