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Dhanush Gun To Bolster Indian Artillery


Indian designed medium artillery gun Dhanush will undergo a fresh test next week at the Pokhran field firing range in Jaisalmer. The gun has been designed and developed by Ordnance Factory Board and manufactured by Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur.

The initial trial of Dhanush had been undertaken around five years back and initially there were some major problems not because of the gun per se but it was with respect to the ammunition used. Around two years back, during the trials itself, a shell had burst in the barrel, causing a major setback to the entire project.

Now finally the whole issue has been resolved and the defects removed and even the gun has been successfully upgraded and now will be technically tested at the Balasore range in Odisha. Dhanush’s trial will be conducted in the presence of Indian Army team of technical officers and GCF experts. After the technical trials, there will be fresh Users trials for testing its long-range firepower, and performance of the gun in heat and other adverse conditions.

Dhanush gun is an Indian upgraded version of Sweden’s Bofors gun design. However more than 80 percent of its parts have been built indigenously. Bofors could hit the target up to a distance of only 30 km, while the Dhanush can hit targets at a distance of 38 km.

The gun UN like Bofors does not work on hydraulic system, instead it operates under a electronic system. It also has night vision device for firing in direct role at night. It uses 125-mm shells and can fire 5 to 6 shells in a minute. The Indian Artillery requires more than 400 Dhanush guns or nearly 22 Regiments worth.